Happy Sunday / Iyi Pazarlar

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Cumartesi yağan yağmura, 
Pazar günü açan güneşe,
Evde arkadaşlarla içilen çaylara,
Eldeki mürekkep lekelerine,
Tatil planlarına,
Kucakta rüya görerek uyuyan kedilere,
Hello Kitty'li kulaklıklara,
Eski mektupları okumanın keyfine,
Birlikte kurulan hayallere,
ve içimizi ısıtan dostlara şükürler olsun!

Fotoğraf: Prag'daki odamızı toplarken...


Thanks for:
The rain on Saturday,
Shining sun on Sunday,
Having a cup tea with friends,
Ink stains on the hands,
Holiday plans,
Cats sleeping and dreaming on my lap,
Hello Kitty headphones,
Joy of reading old letters,
Dreaming together,
and friends warming our hearts!

Photo: Packing our room in Prague...

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  1. Ne guzel bir kare. Bol mektuplu kalemli kagitli gunler :)

  2. Love those postage stamps in the picture! They tell so much stories and convey a society's culture in a small frame.
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you Shangching. This was only the lets say 20% of the stamps I got. I like using them on my notebooks. I agree with your comment. Everything reflects the culture including the stamps :)

    2. If you ever want any stamps from the States, let me know. :)

    3. I also love stamps, even though my country's are not that great (design speaking). I collect stamps too (I collect many things in fact).

      If you gals want current or vintage chilean stamps just let me know :)

    4. Dear Shangching and Estivalia,

      Both of you, you are great. In fact, I have no intention to collect stamps, that would be another deep impact to my budget which is already shaken by pens and inks :)

    5. I used to buy stamps to collect. Nowadays, I just save a set of stamps that I use for correspondence. The collection is not as diverse as before, but it will suffice for now. Another source of stamp is from exchanging letters. I make efforts of switching up stamps with each letter (the one for international rate is really really boring), so you might see stamps on the envelope, with the recipient's name bury in them somewhere :p

  3. :)) Çogzel şiir. İmrendiren bir Pazar büyüsü. Ama en çok yazabilmenin, ekrandan ekrana dahi aktarabilmenin büyüsü. Teşekkürler. :)


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