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Vintage Fountain Pens: Wahl Lady, Swan, Wahl Fotoğraf: Nergihan Yeşilyurt

Aşırı yağmurlu bir haziran gününden herkese merhabalar,

Dün sizlere 1960'larda üretilen bir Sheaffer'den bahsetmiştim. Bugün ise dalya demiş üç kalem var huzurlarınızda. Uzun uzadıya yazmayacağım, anlatmayacağım. Sadece durup bakacağım. Bir gün biri "eskiye bağlı yaşamanın güzelliği"nden bahsetmişti bana. Bunu reddediyorum. Bunu şiddetle reddediyorum. İnsan eskiye takılıp kalmamalı. İnsan güzel şeylerin eskimesine izin vermemeli. İnsan güzel şeylerin, tıpkı bu kalemler gibi eskimeden yaşaması için çaba sarf etmeli. 

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Zeynep Eskimeyenkalem

Fotoğraf için Nergihan'a teşekkürler...

Hello from a dripping wet June,

Yesterday I told you about a vintage Sheaffer which was produced during 60s. Today, there are three pens on the photo which are over 100 years. I am not going to review those pens. I will just take a moment to watch them. One day, a person told me about the beauty of living in the past. I refuse that. I strongly refuse that. A person should not be stucked in the past. A person should be keeping good things alive. A person should be working good things to live without being something in the past. 

I wish you a day where you get rewarded for  your efforts. 


Zeynep Notanoldpen

Photo Credit for Nergihan Yeşilyurt

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  1. Until I read your post with its photo of these old pens, I thought that only elderly ladies used such pens with little rings to pin or place on parts of their dresses. The French "châtelaine" who was the mistress of a castle or great house had many keys on a large ring, and perhaps had a Wahl or Swan pen.

    Recently I found an old leather planner cover given to me by my late mother when I was in high school. I used it through those years and in college. Then the company making the planners changed the sizes, and I could no longer buy new calendars. The cover went into my desk drawer for more than 20 years. I have a new and thin cellphone- I suddenly thought of the leather cover, and dug it out of the drawer. Sadly it did not fit. And the Waterman fountain pen I put in the loop is one I no longer like. What to do?

    Your photo gave me an idea to search for an old fountain pen like one of these for the planner's loop. I can also have a local leather shop add to the cover a small inside pocket for my phone at a small cost. I think these new uses are what you are saying. There is a quotation supposedly from Gustave Mahler, the great Austrian composer: Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but rather the passing of fire. Thank you kindly for renewing an old remembrance.

  2. Harikalar. Üçü de eyedropper mı acaba? Dolum sistemleri nasıl?

    1. Swandan emin olamamakla birlikte Wahl'lar lever filler. Swan için Nergi hanıma müracaat :)


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