This week I would like to mention about a notebook that I have been using for a long time: Greek Mythology of 3Kağıtçı. (Kağıt means paper in Turkish, however when you say 3 kağıt, it means fiddling) They also have series of 10 notebooks, Mesopotamian Mythology, Imaginary Animal, Art Movements etc.
Every notebook has the name of the mythological character and on the back cover you have a brief of this charachter. So as you use the notebook, you can start learning or refresh your knowledge of the Greek Mythology.
On the right corner of the back cover, we have branding, text writer’s name and the designer information. We do not have any information other than that. No paper info, no size info etc. I still don’t know what the weight of the paper is but the size is about 11 cm x15 cm. The cover can be flipped back, it is small and light-weighted so take it away while your bag is full of something else. It reminds me of famous Field Notes of America. I generally use it on field trips.
I tested this notebook with three pens. A Pilot Kaküno with a Medium nib but writes like a European Fine (Caran d’Ache Sunset in it), a Visconti Rembrandt Fine which writes quite wet (Diamine Blue-Black cartridge) and a Lamy Safari 1.1 italic nib (Lamy blue cartridge)
The paper absorbs the ink quite fast but due to its fiber structure it has a tendency to feathering.
However, shadowing and bleeding performance is good. It is not one of my daily notebooks. But I grab one when I go to daily Istanbul trips or weekend trips out of town. It is small and light and flipping the cover back, I can place it into my knee and take my notes down. 10 notebook pack is 15 TL (which is app 5 EUR) So I am going to buy again when I finish this set. I cannot reach any other information about the producer but you can check this set and the other options from here.
PS: We are confronting with some problems as a country. I am trying to keep my daily routine, updating blog or all I thinking is to leave the country immediately.
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