Is it a Pelikan, is it a tortoise? No! It is a Goldring!Goldring, is a vintage brand from East Germany. Therefore, there is a little bit of an inspiration from the fellow brand Pelikan. Allright, allright, inspiration could be more than a bit.

On top of the screw cap of Goldring Onyx, we have a finely engraved branding. And clips has also quite similar decorations with Pelikan clips.


Golding Onyx fountain pen has a piston filling ink system. And on top of the piston knob, there is a blind cap which protects you from the accidents caused by fountain pen illiterate friends.


Unfortunately, I am not sure if my Golding is bearing an original nib or not since some Goldring pens has nibs engraved with Goldring brand and some has “garantiert” nibs like this. Although the nib seems a bit small for the body, it still gives a nice writing performance.


This little nib on Goldring Onyx has the quality to make you happy if you are looking for a flex pen. If one day, you came across with a Goldring pen in a thrift store or an antique market, maybe you could remember this review and give a chance to it.


Zeynep Vintagepen