Have you ever heard of Art-Blanc notebooks? I haven’t heard either until I got one. I bought it in order to try, came home and searched online. As far as I understood it is a Russian originated company. Unfortunately this is just a guess, since they do not have adequate information on their website. Since their contact number starts with +7, I assume they are Russia based.
 As far as I can see from their website, Art-Blanc has a lot of different cover choices like Paper Blanks. However, since the stationery where I got this was offering a few choices, I picked this design which afterwards I learned that belongs to Arabesque collection.
 Paper quality of the notebook is quite good, glossed enough, ivory but not in a yellowish way and ruled. As you now, writing pleasure is a combination of those three: pen, ink and paper. And I can frankly say that, Art-Blanc’s paper is doing its job well.
 But what about the back of the page? Well, the lines you have read right above on the notebook seems just like that on the back. So; there is no bleeding and shadowing at the back. Pens used are a Louis Vuitton Jet Ligne which I can say a very wet pen with Diamine Oxblood ink and a Montblanc No:32 with broad nib.
 At the back cover, there is a folding pocket. I always say and gonna say it again, if there are pockets on the notebooks, it should be folding so that it could keep the things we tuck in. Otherwise it doesn’t work!
 I did not peel off the price tag on the notebook. I bought it for 12,5 TL (app 5,5 EUR) a few months ago. And in another sticker it has the information about the notebook. I wish they also put the paper weight information.
 I am not sure if I will be able to find it again but I can say Art-Blanc is one of the best notebooks in price-performance scale. I hope they penetrate into Turkish market with other choices shown on their website.
Zeynep Notebookster