Arwey is a Turkish brand and offers a great service called “Arwey My Style” or “Arwey My Way” which many of us unaware. I made this notebook using this service many years ago but I didn’t have chance to use it for a long time. With Arwey My Way, you can choose your notebook among four different type of notebooks and then you can choose the color of it. However it doesn’t have any paper choice. After deciding which notebook you want, you add the image and the text if you want and order. You are receiving your notebook in a couple of days
I picked the magnet closing model called Laur while making my own notebook. It is quite ideal for everyday carry. And it is covered with fabric which you can order either in black, pink or red.
The bound of the notebook is quite good. Although it is not laying flat, I can say it is elaborately crafted.
Arwey, uses 70gr ivory paper in the notebooks. I tested Arwey Laur with Lamy 68 (coming soon), TWSBI Micarta (here it is) and Pelikan M400. The paper is really smooth so there is no dragging along when you are writing.
However, as you can see, you cannot use the back page. But if you are using your notebooks in one way and craving for a notebook which reflects your personality, you should take a look at Arweys website. (I think they ship abroad) I am wondering how great notebooks will conclude with your fruitful creativity.
Zeynep Talisman