When this great pen arrived as a present from Mr. Cuneyt it was early July and I was dealing with some painful events in my life. So I couldn’t put my hands on it for a long time. However, now I don’t want to put it away from my sight. Calligart is a Turkish brand made by Mr. Cuneyt and it is unique and hand made.
It comes in a plain and nice box with a pen rest with a card.
Since all Calligart pens are hand made they are unique and have a different pattern. There is a slight step over the grip section. So that you don’t dip it too deep and your hand won’t slip down towards the nib and it won’t get stained.
One of the great things about Calligart glass pens it can be used with any ink. Actually anything! I am not kidding when saying anything. You can use your homemade walnut iron-gall ink which you would not use in your fountain pens since it is too acidic, or wine or coffee or calligraphy inks which are not suitable for fountain pens. I, myself also used it with my Francesco Rubinato inks which I don’t use fountain pens since it leaves a lot of residue. (Actually some sell Francesco Rubinato inks suitable for fountain pens but I don’t recommend)
 If you ever used glass pens you might know that they are scratchy and when you dip and start writing with it they put all the ink to the ground in the first letter of sentence and cannot even finish a word. Calligart win my heart as it has a smooth nib and it can write all the sample above with just one dip.
And what is the best thing about glass pen among others? Of course, ease of cleaning. You can clean it in seconds. If you are miserable from cleaning fountain pens, this will be your favorite toy, especially when trying new inks. I did like this glass pen and unlike my other glass pens (except one came from Japan) it win my heart. If you want to learn more about this pen http://www.calligart.com.tr/
What do you think about glass pens?
Zeynep Heartmadeofglass