Today, I am here with a great fountain pen. As I already introduced you before with Cleo Skribent pens. And now we are together with Ebonite. As you may already grasp from teh name, it is an ebonite pen as well as a hand-crafted gem.

Cleo Skribent Ebonite takes more than 8 hours hand-craft. And the oval surface has been turned into a 11 faced facet by hand. Trimming of the pen is steel and it is a result of great artizan.

Please take a look at the design of this very clips. Such elegance, such a beauty. It is almost a piece of art. I think it is not easy to find such grace with a clips of a fountain pen.

Nib of the pen is bi-color and the branding well placed on the nib. And the bi-color has been predominantly white so that it matches better with the steel trimming of the pen.

There is a piston mechanism in this pen like a converter. When you remove the bling cap on top, the steel mechanism reveals and you could fill your pen by turning it.

14k gold nib of Cleo Skribent Ebonite is quite wet and this individually quality checked nibs are providing a perfectly smooth writing experience.

Cleo Skribent Ebonite pens come in two colors, Red Brown and Purple Black. This is the Red Brown one. There is a great and very detailed craftsmanship on the pens. If you are looking for an oversize pen and bored with all those black, everyone has them pens, and looking for details, please do not decide before you see Cleo Skribent Ebonite.


Zeynep Redbrown