Today it a bit gloomy here. So I decided to publish this post which was waiting in the drafts for a long time.
 I am a constant mind person. There are many small wheels rotating in my head constantly. I feel sorry for a single day left without learning or reading a new thing. But on the other hand, we have to stop sometimes ro breath and to digest what we have learned.
 And the best way is to do it is, dealing with another activity. Except that short time I meditate regularly, I don’t remember a time that I stand still, doing simply nothing. Those very rare moments that I stand still are the ones that my mind is overworking and I cannot move at all.
 Therefore, I feel that my mind relaxes when I deal with watercolor, waiting the paper to absorb the water, mixing the colors, touching the paper with brush. Sometimes, thinking about I what I want to think and sometimes not thinking at all….
 Just stare the colorfull drop freed from the brush and dropped on to the paper. You will see yourself there.
Zeynep Colordrop