Hi everyone,
Today’s fountain pen is Conklin Stylograph Mosaic. I do like this pen, let’s see if you like it.
I have 3 Conklin fountain pens. Three of them has the same nib shown on the photo, there is no difference among nibs.The breather hole on the nib is crescent shaped and it is sorf of a signature of Conklin on the nibs.
Nibs are smooth out of box but there is a fact that you should flush them with a dish soap and rinse them before you use. Otherwise you can have a skipping problem as you ink them.
Even though it is not a flex pen, there is a line variation and slight flexibility on the nib.
The acrylic resin used on pen is quite nice. It has a spark on sunlight. Clips is engraved with Conklin brand and cap has metal trimmings with crescent decorations and Stylograph in between those crescents.
The clips of the pen is springy. When you apply pressure from the top, the end wide opens so you can easily slide it to the thick layers such as pocket of your jacket.
I like this pen. The price changes between 350-390 TL (175-200 USD) I will also share my other Conklin pens with you. I think this pen is for you, if you like big, sturdy pens in hand.
Zeynep Penthusiast