I noticed that, even though it is a very popular brand in fountain pen market, I ignored Cross brand too much. I think, I am not very impressed by their golden or silver fountain pen designs. However, this journal of Cross which can be found easily on chain stationery stores, were asked a lot to me. Yet, I did not want to buy it just to review since it is not very cheap. Mr. Turgay, thanks to him, handed this journal to me for a review.
I tried this journal with two wet fountain pens and two fine felt tip pens. Platinum Century Bourgogne Broad with Iroshizuku Yama-Budo, Sailor Professional Gear Naginata Togi with Sailor black vartridge, Dong-A Hexaplus Fineliner and Faber-Castell 0.4 Ecco Pigment pen.
At the end there is no bleed-through except Platinum Century but the other pens has a bit shadowing. By the way, I don’t know if you noticed but the pages are perforated. So you can tear every single page without damaging the spine of the notebook. I think it is a good idea.
And there is this folding pocket thing that I care a lot. If it is not folding, then it is useless. But this one is folding so you can tuck in your small notes, invoices and papers.
Cross Journal comes with a ballpoint pen. By the way, let me tell for who is wondering, it is not genuine leather. However, the craftsmanship is nice and detailed. The price changes between 35-45 USD. I think I liked the journal but I am not sure if I would buy it within this price range or not.
Did you like it?
Zeynep Notebookyan