Today I am here with a notebook.  As you know among many problems, finding a paper to write with fountain pens is on top in Turkey. Yeah! It is hard but we keep looking. I know it is hard to find a notebook which is widely available, affordable pricing and with good paper. I would like to address to the notebook manufacturers, please make some notebooks with good papers 🙂
Notebook with gray paper

Both Deffter and The Container is two brands in Turkey making notebooks. And as far as I know, they are collaborating now. And RAW Notebook, which is made in Istanbul is one of the result of this collaboration. This notebook is a bit different, it has gray paper. Different than what we usually use, like ivory or white.

Inks on Gray Paper
I used this notebook for a while but for taking photographs I chosed three pens. One is a Pelikan 140 with an OB nib. Second one is a Super5 (click here) which is not very wet and the last one is a Senator Windsor with Broad nib (here) and J. Herbin Carroube de Chypre (and here).
Fountain Pen
And as you can see, back of the page is quite interesting. No show through, no bleed through. It makes some bleeding with flex pen though. I got this notebook from D&R stores last summer and it was around 3 Euros. If you like to use gray paper, you can check this notebook.
Zeynep Notebooksan