Hello All,

Shimmering inks are the most hype events of the fountain pen community for the last couple of years. While J. Herbin is releasing one shimmering ink every year, Diamine has a huge line of inks called Shimmertastic. Today we are having Tropical Glow.

As you can see on the photo, Shimmertastic series have different bottles than regular Diamine inks. However, the bottle neck is considerably good so that you have the problems with most of the pens.


Tropical Glow is a blue green ink with silver shimmer in it. The color is pretty blue while the softness has a glimpse of green. Especially shading ink fans will love this ink.


However, this ink demonstrates itself most on the tracing paper. I used it in my vintage Kaweco Elite which is a piston filler and I didn’t experience any problems. It has been washed away easily.
However, it is not a water resistant ink as you can see it fades away with water completely. (You can see the greenness in the ink while it is washed away)
What do you think about shimmering inks? Are you with them or against them?


Zeynep Shimmerink