I wish you all a great week!
Here in Istanbul, we started the Monday with a heavy rain and now sun is shining. I know, for gloomy weather enthusiast there are only a few days left, so I wanted to introduce you with Edison Collier Blue Steel while we still have some dark weather. Edison is a well-known American brand among fountain pen enthusiasts and they attracted us with making so beautiful pens out of different materials every year.
Edison Collier is big guy, quite a hank. As you can see the model Collier is coming with a clips. And blue steel resin has an ennobling effect on the pen.
 The body of the pen is quite simple and plain. There is only one kind and color of resin has been used. So the beauty of the material shines on its own. The only detail on the pen except the clips, is “Edison Pen Co.” and model “Collier” engraving on the body. It is a nice and subtle branding.
Edison pens comes with gold and steel nib options. The pen I reviewed had a Medium steel nib. However, both the pen I reviewed and the ones I had chance to use and also comments on the internet says that, Edison pens have quite smooth nibs. This pen has a butter smooth nib as well. As you can see there is a branding on the nib, logo of the Edison pens. However, I wish the other engravings and flourishing was not there. It would be much more better into my opinion.
I inked Edison Collier with Noodler’s Blee Eel. As you might already know, Eel series of Noodler’s inks are lubricated to maintain pistonfillers. Therefore, they are also wet and smooth inks as well. When this smooth nib met with this lubricated ink, it made a perfect match.
What do you think about Edison pens? Do you have them in your pen case or in your wish list?
Zeynep Tesla