Today I am here with Faber-Castell’s new notebook. I bought this one from a stationery store in Ankara. However, I also came across with it in a small stationery shop in Istanbul on my way home. I guess they penetrated the market very swiftly due to their distribution network on stationery products.
Frankly, I was very expectant while I was getting this notebook since Faber-Castell and Graf von Faber is producing fountain pens. I used my currently inked pens to test the notebook which are a Fine Lamy Safari, a Medium Pilot 78G which can be deemed as a fine nib, Italic Pilot 78G and Uniball Signo which wrote very dry that day.
Unfortunately things didn’t go as expected. Diamine Syrah and Diamine Teal made bleed-through horribly and Sailor Sky-High and Uniball signo caused show-through. It seems that even with ballpoint pens, it is hard to use the both side of the pages.
There is an elastic rubber band around the notebook and also a small case to put business cards and other extra papers. However, it doesn’t work well since it is not a folding case. There are color choices for cover. Where I got it, the notebook was offered in blank and ruled versions. It is 9,5 TL (app 4 EUR)
What do you think? Yay or Nay?

Zeynep NotebooksonPost-Script: While publishing this post, I noticed I have never written an article about Faber-Castell in this blog before. And a few days ago, a friend of mine from Germany, after reading all my blog, noticed also that I don’t have a Faber-Castell fountain pen. So she gave me one as a present! That means, I will be here with a Faber-Castell fountain pen review on the following days. Danke my dear Jale!