Hi!I am here with the third and (probably) the last part of the Fountain Pen for Beginners series. Again in this post, I am referring the prices upon Jetpens.com Goulet Pens and E-bay.

* Pilot Metropolitan (Pilot Mr or Pilot Cacoon): Soo many names for a pen, right? Pilot Metropolitan with its nice metal body, a good writer and a sturdy fountain pen. The price changes among 14-18 USD
* Scrikss 35: It is a nice pen with titanium coated body and with a steel nib. It usually offered with its ballpoint, together with 60 TL (app 26 EUR). Besides, you can also buy Scrikss 33 which unfortunately I don’t have (same as Scrikss 35 just with plastic body) for 20 TL (less than 10 EUR). Considering that Scrikss provides life-time guarantee for the pens, it is a nice choice to start with.
* Pelikano P480: With sturdy plastic body, vivid color choices and its steel nib, Pelikano is quite suitable for daily use. Especially for young whom you wanted to introduce fountain pen with. Price changes among 15-18 USD.
* Kaweco Classic Sport: I reserved the most popular two names of fountain pen world for last. Kaweco is no doubt one of them. Octagonal facet of the cap prevents it from rolling even when it is clipsless. Although it is used by posting the cap, due to the lightweight material, there is no problem regarding the heaviness. You can call it “Hercules in the pocket” for its outstanding performans contrast to its size. The only problem is to find a converter but it pleasingly welcomes all short international cartridges. The price is about 23-25 USD.
* Lamy Safari: It is the reason for a lot of people to start using fountain pens. And it is a love mark for collectioners due to its different color and clips. The body made out of lego material is quite durable. Besides, you can buy nibs separately and change as you wish. It either works with giant Lamy cartridges or converter. The price is between 25-30 USD.
So what other pens to start with?
Zeynep Newbee