Lets hos a notebook within the last post of this week and focus on stone paper which everyone wonders about. I have to admit, I couldn’t resist trying when I see this pink hard cover notebook of Gıpta.
There are some general information regarding stone paper. * Paper used within this notebook totally produced from natural stones. * No tree was cut down nor nature harmed. * Besides being really durable, stone paper is also resistant to water.
First I have to say one or two things. Stone paper is something really different. First of all, it is soft. How to describe, it is like a fabric when you touch it. Especially if you are a pusher with lead pencils, you can trace your handwriting on the back page. Secondly it is really hard to tear it down. It kind of stretches when you pull. And it is kind of dusty when you first open the pages.
I tried it with my then currently inked fountain pens. Even though Lamy Safari and Waterman was quite wet pens, it didn’t get along well with Platinum. I believe that it is about the ink itself. As I always remind, pleasure of writing is a combination of fountain pen, ink and paper all together.
Quite depressing with Yama-Dori, better with Montblanc Daniel deFoe.
However, despite all those horrible feathering, performance on the back of the page is surprising. Besides, after I prepared this post, I had given a Gıpta Stone Paper spiralled notebook in my office. The result was different since I used different pens. However, I should say that, stone paper is quite picky about the ink. While it has no problem with my wet V-Pen hacked with Diamine Majestic Blue, Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses were smudging after a week.
Stone paper can be an alternative if you can find the suitable ink. Did you manage to find?
Zeynep Rockpaperscissors