Good Morning,
You may have seen this notebook on my previous post. I wanted to post the review today. As you may know, I feel myself naked if I don’t have a pen and a notebook with me. And this very notebook has been purchased on such a day, not from a stationery store but from Carrefour Supermarket.
Globox is a brand under Smartofis which manufacture stationery products such as sheet protector, staple, sheet rack etc. Globox notebook is one of the brands represented under paper products. It is made from artificial leather, has very nice stitching on edges and has two elastic bands. One if to close and keep the notebook. And the good part of it, it remains neatly on the back when you take it off to open the notebook. And the other is an elastic ring to put your pen…
When you examine the paper, there is a small part on the right top corner to note the date and it has a ruled, off-white paper. It doesn’t bother you when you write with fountain pen.
However, they are awfully bleeding on the back. So I cannot recommend if you like to write on both sides of the paper.
To put in a nutshell, Globox is a cheap notebook with a price tag of 8,90 TL (3 EUR) and a nice one with simple and plain design. It also comes in grey, tan, blue, red and black colors. And normally it has a ballpoint pen attached within the ring. But it is not for you, if you like to write both pages.
What do you think?
Zeynep Halfaglobe