Hi All,
I wanted to start the week with a heart-warming ink! (Like it is not warm enough!) Graf von Faber Castell Garnet Red. As you may already know, Graf von Faber renewed its ink bottles and colors a few years ago. Actually, they acted a bit conservative on the colors and did not step out from the comfort zone tones but still the bottles were nice. When my beloved friend Bahadır gifted me with this ink, I used it a lot and wanted to share it with you.
As you know garnet is a precious stone and like the referring name, it is a reddish-pinkish ink. I tried this ink with my Zoom nibbed Sailor and I hope I am able to demonstrate you the color in broad and fine nibs as well.
Graf von Faber Castell Garnet Red is a dark, great shading ink in broader nibs. With finer nibs, it is more pinkish but it still has the shading.
If you like shading in your inks, as in this photo, if you like some parts of the letters are darker and some parts are lighter in color, you should check Graf von Faber Garnet Red.
Garnet Red is not a waterproof ink, it is smudged by the water. However, when you wash it away, it does not fully lost its color.
Who like Garnet Red? If you find red inks too loud for the eyes but not a fan of pink either, you should check Garnet Red out.
Did you liked it?
Zeynep Garnetpen