A brief history for foreigners: Turks come to Anatolia circa 1000 while it was an East Roman Empire land and where Greeks and Armenians were living there. Before that, there was a Chinese influence in culture. After establishment of Ottoman Empire and when Persia and Arabian Peninsula conquered successfully, it also caused a very heavy influence on Turkish. Then republic and French influence and so on…Today, we have words from Chinese (very few now) Greek, Armenian, Persian, Arabic, French and English in Turkish. “Tatil” (en. Holiday) comes from Arabic word root “ttl” or “atalet” which actually means being inertia or idle.
Since this year, all my holidays were crazy, visiting a lot of places in a row. Once I remember, we were in India. It was a private tour and had a crazy busy schedule and starting at 07:00 in the morning. But there was a temple in that city I wanted to visit, but it was not in the program. So we got up at 04:00, took a rikshaw to the temple and back just in time for the tour. This year, me and my mister Long both felt very tired so we are planning to literally make a holiday, being idle, lazy and stationary at rest.
However, since I am a hardworking blogger, I prepared some posts which will be published automatically. I am going to have internet connection, 3G at least and I will be also publishing your comments and try to answer them as well from my iPad.
See you!
PS: By the way, I am the one with pink bikini. Yay or nay?