Hello All,
New year is a time period that people decide to change things in their lives. If you decided to change your handwriting this year, I am going to have some tips for you.
These handwriting samples above belongs to Rıfat who is a regular of our fountain pen meetings. First line is Rıfat’s handwriting of one and a half year’s before. And below, you can see his current handwriting. What happened in this 1,5 years period?
How to improve your handwriting
* Try out a lot of different pens. Flex nibs, fine nibs, broad nibs, italics…. So that you can understand which pen suits your handwriting the most.
* Write a lot! Write often! Keep your pen and your paper while you are having a chat, watching TV!
* As I said before, writing and riding a motorbike has a lot in common. Keep your head up and release your arms. If you have contracted arms or white knuckles, you cannot write easily. If your head is down or burried in paper, you cannot see where your writing is headed.
* Be a copy cat! Copy your friend’s nice “g” or tailed “y”. As you write, they will be your letters.
* Use squared or isometric notebooks for a while so that your hand writing will be toned for correct proportions.
* And whatever it is, love pens, papers and inks so they will love you back!
As you can see, your handwriting is not your faith. You can change, beautify and improve your hand writing. Just believe in that and work.
Zeynep Toth