I just come back from my two weeks trip including Nepal and India. (Of course not totally including but a bit of taste of it) Hope you will forgive me that I couldn’t make any posts in the meantime.
I told you that I normally don’t take photos. However this time as I promised to Mr. A and since I couldn’t bear pressures from my friends, I took much more photos than before.
This red sign is the emblem of  Nepal’s Socialist Party’s Student Union. Isn’t it nice to use fountain pen as a symbol of students? I liked it a lot.
Visiting India after 3 years I had a strong wish to see Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad city. These caves are formed by carving the entire rock on a mountain. Visiting those places really inspired me and broadened my mind.
As in my previous travels, I also kept a journal in this one and this time I kept it till the end. I noted kind of everything, such as where I ate and how much I paid, glued the tickets and business cards I got. I strongly recommend you to keep such a journal, it is priceless looking it up after several years.
I know it is insane, but I carried all those books from India.
I got a few notebooks and my lucky find Private Reserve inks,
and some fountain pens.
To put in a nutshell: I’m back!
Zeynep Rollingstone