Hey there!
I am here with J. Herbin Eclat de Saphir, one of the most popular inks of J. Herbin and its Louis XIV edition. Those two inks are exact similar except the bottles and packaging.
Louis XIV edition comes within a 1670 bottle with a decobant underneath. Although these bottles look chic, it is quite unuseful due to the narrow bottle neck. Most pens above average width cannot fit into it, for example M800.
 From the transparent outer box, it pops a little flier both in English and French about Louis XIV.
 Writing sample on the photo as been written by a brush. With brush the ink seems lighter than it is and with especially a wet pen, you can have a great brillant shade of blue.
I would like to finalize my review with a quote from Louis XIV: “State? (Pointing himself out I guess) I am the state bro!” Here on the last photo there are the writing samples of both inks which are quite suitable for everyday use as well as official documents.
What are you favorite blue inks?
Zeynep into the Blues