Hi!Another notebook from my Trabzon visit was this Kafkaokur’s Virginia Woolf notebook. (Kafkaokur is a Kafka based popular literature magazine) We have many popular literature magazines right now and they are also offering secondary products like those notebooks.

This notebook has a skecth of Virginia Woolf’s portrait and we have handwritings as the background. A proper design for an author.

The back of the notebook cover is empty except the brand and the motto of the magazine. There is no information about the illustration on the cover or about the paper.

It has a stitch bound as many stationery addicts like. Opens easily and the paper is “unruled” ivory. Can you believe that it is unruled? Well, I would like to address notebook producers here! We are not first graders, please make more unruled notebooks. Thank you!

I tested this notebook with

Soennecken S19 + Montegrappa Burgundy
Hero 395 + Diamine Kensington
And the result is….
It is far from being satisfying.
And the back of the page is a ruin! What is your latest disappointment about notebooks?
I wish you a better day than this notebook.
Zeynep Buggyman