When Kaweco Germany first reached me and told that they would like to send me some products, I was mostly excited about the inks. Because I was wondering those inks which are not easily accessible in Turkey. Actually all those colors existed as cartridges but I don’t have the habit of using or buying cartridges so I just decided Summer Purple before. Since the green ink kind of exploded during their way and stained other bottles, I have them in one piece.

When I made the swatches my favorite was Paradise Blue. However when I start using them, my favorite became Ruby Red although I am not fond of red inks. It has a great flow and color. I will also publish separate reviews of those inks.
Kaweco inks are coming in 30 ml bottles and without an outer-box. There is paper band in order to guarantee they are not opened before. However, after you open them you have to cut them carefully, otherwise it looks ugly. By the way, there is something caught my eye that in some bottles, ink color is written right above the Kaweco brand and in some no name mentioned.
I also put a scanned version of the colors. What do you think about Kaweco inks?
Zeynep Colorink