KWZ Honey Handmade Fountain Pen Ink

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KWZ inks are rocking fountain pen world for the last couple of years. KWZ is a brand which was started as a hoby of a chemist couple in Poland and continued as a commercial project. KWZ inks are coming in 60 ml bottles and with a cardboard box. On the top of the box you can see the batch code and the production as well as a  swatch of the color. This is really usefull, especially when you store your inks in a drawer and you can just see the top of them.

KWZ Honey Ink Batch Code and Production Date

One of the most famous inks of KWZ is this one: KWZ Honey.  This is a warm, golden toned brown. And it is made for the people you loves shading in the inks. And let me tell you, the most amazing feature about KWZ inks are it has a great vanilla smell due to a substent used in. You may want to lick your nibs.

KWZ Honey

I put KWZ Honey into a Zoom nibbed Sailor. This nib has a feature which lets you write in broader or finer lines according to the angle you hold it. On the photo, you can see that, the writing sample on top is finer, while the other is broader. With the same pen, same ink, same paper but different holding angles.

KWZ Honey Writing Sample

As you can see with broader nibs it has more shading and it is darker. While in finer nibs, it is lighter with less shade.

KWZ Honey Broad Nib


KWZ Honey Fine nib


KWZ Honey Water Resistance


KWZ Honey is not a fully water-proof ink but it has some resistance. So it doesn’t washed completely away by water. You can provide those well-behaved, heavenly smelling inks from most of the European websites.

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Zeynep Honeycomb