As we already know, fountain pen is a world dominated mostly by men. That’s why the image of fountain pen is always giant black pens. For that reason, it is treated like a men’s accessory for the last couple of decades. However, in the good old days, when fountain pens were the ruler of the market, there used to be fountain pens with feminine designs and sizes. Sheaffer Lady 630 is one of them.
This pen, manufactured during 70’s, has a brushed metal body and a floral trimming at the end of the cap. It also has a silver option. This trimming called Florentine.
Sheaffer Lady 630 has a 14k gold, recessed nib. Although there is no marking regarding the nib size, it is safe to say that’s a Fine or Extra fine nib. (I vote for the Extra Fine though)
Filling system of this pen is “Push Button Fill” as indicated on it. But actually this basically means, it is a button filler in Sheaffer’s. In this system, there is a button to push at the top and it squeezes the sac inside enabling ink to fill the sac.
Lady Sheaffer 630 is a definitely rigid, as most Sheaffer nibs are. There is no flex in this pen. I repeat, no flex! However, if you like fine nibs, you will love it.
What do you think about feminine pens?
Zeynep Femininepen