Hi All,

Today, I am here with a vintage fountain pen. Lady Sheaffer 632 is really giving us the gret vibes of 60’s with the elegant body and tiny nib. 

This pen decorated with gold patterns on a black lacquered body has many siblings in different color and patterns. Those pens also bears the name Lady Sheaffer, whereas the number  code changes according to the colors and patterns.

This American made pen has a plug type cap and a squeeze type filling system. However, if you don’t like this kind of filling mechanisms for a reason, you can always pull it off and use a proprietary cartridges of Sheaffer.

Lady Sheaffer has a tiny 14k gold nib which is referred as a recessed nib. It has a unique, upside looking shape.

Most probably the pen I have is a fine and so it writes quite fine. What do you think about the male and female segregation on the fountain pens?


Zeynep Misspen