Hello All,
Today, we have no fountain pen, we have no ink and notebooks but we have a coloring pencil set which indulges our inner child. This set of Lamy called 3 Plus and it can be used as coloring pencil, crayon and watercolor.
It comes in a red fabric roll and with a fitting pencil sharpener. That’s good since these pencils have a quite thick and rectangular body considering the ergonomy of children’s hands. It would not be fitting to regular sharpeners. Besides, fabric roll is quite handy to keep pencils together and carry them around.
It is quite soft and gives the color in a very bright way. Plus, it has a small white area for kids to write their names on. I think that is a great idea since it is important for kids to personalize their stuff and adopt their belongings.
Colors are easily blended with water so it can be used as watercolor as well. Since they are blendable together, it is possible to derive many colors from those 12 colors.
Although I didn’t have too much chance to use this set, I love it. As well  as I know, it is not sold in Turkey. I bought this one from Germany last year for around 20 euros. I wish it was offered in Turkey as well. Did you like it?
Zeynep Coloringpen