Hello All,
I wanted to start the week with a cute pen so our week be as cute as it can. I wanted to show you Lamy Line Friends fountain pen, if you haven’t seen it on instagram yet because this pen rocked the social media and invaded our brains.
We know that Lamy launches a new limited edition color every year. Apart from that, they sometimes also launch limited editions for different countries. For example, white Safari + red clips for Japan or yellow Safari + red clips for Sweden… Likewise, Lamy Line Friends is a pen produced for Korea. It comes in a yellow box with a cartridge and a converter and two bear accessories for the clips.
As you can see, the body of the pen is dark brown. When compared with the 2010 limited edition Al-Star Coffee, you can see that it has a darker, saturated color. Besides, it is not glossy and smooth as the regular Lamy Safaris’.
There is a deep engraving in the lower cap: “BROWN”. Actually in some places this pen is referred as Lamy Safari Brown Edition.
The bear accessories can be slipped to the clips. Of course using it or not is up to you 🙂
As a matter of fact, I have been ambushed by another consumer trap of Lamy. But other than that, if you are in love with brown and avoid using Al-Star because it dents and scratches easily, Lamy Line Friends is for you.
What was the consumer trap you have fell into?
Zeynep Bearjam