This week’s pen is coming from the well-known luxury retail brand Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton Doc or Cuir Plume. The specific feature of this pen is the leather covered body.
Goat leather body has been stitched with gold staples. Leather covered body takes away the cold feeling that big sturdy pens make and gives you a warm touch. This pen also has a variation of black leather body with white rhodium caps and trimmings.
Nib has diamond lines on it going along with the square patterned cap. We can read LV trademark and 750 marking on the nib. It means that the nib is 18k gold. They considered the chance of smudge with the ink on the grip section so they lacquered the grip section with a special varnish. Therefore, even though you dip the grip section into the ink pot, you can wipe it with a clean tissue and there will be no ink stain.
It is a cartridge/converter pen. The converter coming with the pen has engraving on it “Louis Vuitton / Made in Germany”. Even though the nib reminds me of Graf von Fabers, I cannot access the information of which company has produced those pens for Louis Vuitton. The only problem with pen is the converter fits a bit wobbly. I cannot feel that it fits perfect and stands there still, nevertheless, I haven’t experienced any problems so far.
When it comes to the writing pleasure and the nib, the nib does not have any size marking on it but when I first got this pen, there was a little round sticker with an “M” on it. So I guess this is a medium and it writes like a European medium. It writes pleasantly and wet. The nib is smooth and it has a bit flex (like line variations) Louis Vuitton offered those pens among 1999-2008 for 850 Euro. The price is high by itself but if you think that Montblanc Meisterstücks are offered for 600-900 Euro then the price becomes more reasonable for a nicely leather covered pen.
What do you think of luxury pens?
Zeynep Luxurypen