Today is Manuscript day!

I bet, many of you heard of Manuscripst. Especially because of their italic calligraphy pens. They generally come in sets with black plastic bodies and lovely nibs. Today, we are here with Manuscripts “Hey! We are making good pens too” Pen. Just kidding, it is Manuscript 1856.

This pen has a bullet shape. With a very standard body. Mine is from navy and yellow acrylics but it comes in different colors as well.

I think, the most aesthetic feature of the pen is where the cap meets body. There is no sets there. It is just lovely and smooth. I think it is a very important feature in a pen to give you the smooth and whole experience.

It has a screw type cap. Which means that, it is not going to open by itself in your bag. (Very unlikely) Filling system is a standard European cartridge and it also comes with the converter. Good boy!

It has a nice subtle branding on top of the cap. Instead of big engravings on the pen, I like that kind of branding more.

It has a steel medium nib. Mine is medium, but you can get it with different options as well. And there is also a Manuscript logo on the nib.

How it writes? Well, I inked it with Robert Oster Fire and Ice and it has the most amazing and smooth nib I have written quite a time.

This pen comes with other colors of choice. With the weight, problem free filling system and great nib it would be a perfect pen. However the price range between 125 Pounds or 140 Euro is a bit too much for my taste.

Did you like it?


Zeynep BlackandWhite