Marlen Class Collection Fountain Pen
Hi All,
This week I am here with Marlen Class Collection Fountain Pen. Marlen is an Italian brand established in 1982 by Mario and Antonio Esposito brothers. The brand name Marlen comes from the admiration of the founders to famous Marlene Dietricht.
Marlen Class Collection Fountain Pen Limited Edition Rose Gold
Actually, it is hard to find any information about this Marlen fountain pen. In the cap band, it writes “Marlen Italy Class Collection”. However, as you can see we are facing with a very nice and elegant looking fountain pen. The body material is semi-opaque acrylic and the trimming is rose gold. It is a perfect match. Deserves a superlike on tinder 🙂
Marlen Fountain Pen
The cap is a screw type and the filling system is a cartridge/converter. The nib is two toned 14k gold. There the name and the logo of the brand along with tiny flourishing. It looks nice and matches with the pen.
Marlen Fountain Pen + Louis Vuitton Rose EspieglInk
Although Marlen’s 14k gold medium nib is a little bit on the fine side it is good. It works perfectly right out of the box, without requiring any flushing or cleaning. And I think we have pretty good team with Louis Vuitton Rose Espiegle ink.
This pen, in this ivory color, is a limited edition as far as I know. However, you can still find other colors of Marlen Class Collection fountain pens in some websites. Do you have any experience or impression on Marlen pens?
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