Maybe you remember my Moleskine Roller ball pen. Recently, I came across with the fluorescent refills of Moleskine pens, so I wanted to give it a try.
Moleskine Roller pens used to have 2 sizes: 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm line width. Now, with 1.2 mm fluorescent refills it become three. I have yellow and orange fluorescent Lamy cartridges, so I wanted to try pink this time. I bought it from Karum Stationery Shop in Nisantasi, just behind the City’s Mall for 8 TL (app. 4 Euro)
Moleskine roller can be disassembled from the screw on top and this is what you get when you make the autopsy.
As seen from the photo, even though sizes are quite same, tips of the refills are different.
It is a nice pink with a wet gel ink. But the tip of the pen comes out from the body too much I think. Yet you can close the cap without problem. Apart from this, it will look good on the white copy paper, if you have to deal with too many documents while working, this can be a muse. I also tried it with a book and it doesn’t cause any show-through or bleeding. So it would be an option for those who like underlining books.
Zeynep Fluopink