You all know, Moleskine the brand of legendary notebooks recently expanded its product range to pens, pencils, totebags, laptop bags etc. which all reflects the simple, plain design line of the company. I had chance to see the bags in some stores and frankly I didn’t like them but the pens drew my attention with their odd rectangular shape. As you see, it comes with a simple package, so you will be sure nobody used your pen before. It comes with 0.7 mm and 0.5 mm points. I preferred 0.7 since I like wet writing pens.
Writing experience of the pen is quite soft due to its gel ink on the roller. Since I preferred 0.7 it is also a wet writing pen. And shape? I find it surprisingly comfortable, so thanks to the designer Giulio Iacchetti. The pen has a spring system so if you push it harder, the point goes inside.
If you dissemble the pen it looks like above a refill, a spring, top screw part (any proper name for it?), body and cap. Cap has a metal part to attach on a book or notebook cover. And if you dissemble the cartoon package you will find the stickers to personalize your pen. Stickers comes in 6 different colors: black, blue, green, violet, red and brown which represents the refill colors. However, I haven’t seen refills on any stationery in Turkey. So, what I didn’t like about the pen?
As someone who grew up with engineers around and has plenty of them still, I didn’t like the material and production quality of the pen. First of all, the plastic material of the pen looks cheap. (Not all plastic material looks cheap, but this pen’s is) You may notice from the photo that there is a peel off just under the matte band on cap. Besides on the side, you can see the mould burrs which happens when the mould is old or has the bad quality and generally burrs are removed at the end of the production process. This pen cost 32 TL (app. 16 EUR) and it cannot be considered as a cheap pen. So I am disappointed by the poor material and production quality of the pen. Let me say that, Scrikss Duo pen with 2 TL (1 EUR) price tag has better material quality then Moleskine roller pen. Moleskine just has style and design over that pen.
To sum up, it is a nice looking pen, stylish but material and production should be developed I guess.