I know, I have been away for a quite long time. But travels and my  “yes I am moving”, “no I am not”, “oh maybe” approach regarding changing my home altered all my system in the house. And I am still confronting with a study room to be cleaned and organized again. Yet I wanted to remind myself with a post this week. Montblanc No:31 is an old fountain pen I found via a friend of mine. I got it as a NOS.
If you think that only quality of this is being a new old stock, then you are absolutely wrong. As you can see it has the engraving of SSK, Turkish Social Security System. Why? Because those pens used to given to the civil servants of this institute to be used in the office. And this pen I have, is a part of that set of roller ball and fountain pen.
Montblanc No:31 is quite similar to Montblanc No:32 which I have posted about it earlier. The only main difference is nib shapes and there is subtle branding on the cap band. However, since the caps fit for both pens, sometimes there are franken pens which leads you wrong. So if you want to decide which pen you have, you should check the nibs. You can click here to remember Montblanc No:32
Montblanc No:31 also have piston filler ink system. It is not being unfair I guess, if I say the weakest part of the pen is this blue threads also serves as ink display. However, since I didn’t have a problem with it even in the Montblanc No:32 which I use often, I don’t think it will cause any problems.
And lastly the nib! My Monbtlanc No:31 has a fine nib. Even though there is no mark regarding the nib, with my vast experience(!) I can say it is an extra-fine. I hope you will agree with me judging from the writing sample.
Soooo, what is your favorite vintage Montblanc?
Zeynep Snowymountain