Hi All,
While all brands are renewing their ink series, Monteverde could not resist and launched a new ink serie called Gemstone. As we already saw in other brands, they named their inks after precious, semi-precious stones and minerals. I have Fireopal, Moonstone and Olivine from Gemstone series. And I have a black ink from documental ink series.


Monteverde ITF
 Monteverde has a technology in these inks called ITF or “Ink Treatment Formula” Monteverde claims that, this formula; improves ink flow, extends cap-off time, lubricates feeding system and improves ink drying time. To be frank, I did not experienced those inks to came into such conclusion. Therefore, today I will be showing only the colors.
Monteverde Olivine
Monteverde Olivine is a great shade of color with a little bit of warm yellow in it.
Monteverde Fireopal
Monteverde Fireopal is a real fire as name indicates. It is truly a vivid orange/red. Oh I am not sure!
Monteverde Moonstone
Monteverde Moonstone was the one I was the most curious about. Normally I do not like brown inks however I like them when there is a grey side about it. This ink reminds me of J. Herbin Cacao du Brasil.
Monteverde Documental Black
I hope, I will be reviewing those inks in detail. But now, we have only those photos.
What do you think about those new inks?
Zeynep Colorpen