Muji is a Japan originated brand that everything they offer is simple, plain and minimal. You can find all kind of gadgets from garments to travel bottles, organizer drawers, glasses and stationery products. Yesterday, while walking through Erenkoy, I dropped by Muji both to get chilled and check what’s new in it. And today’s hunt is: a tin boxed Jasmine & Black Olive candle, a box of paper clip shaped cat and dog and a highlighter.
The special thing about this highlighter is the little window on the bottom. If I am not failed by my memory, Serrose previously mentioned about this pen. I think it is quite logical and successful design. For the ones who is curious, the book is Egypt Symbology  by Fernand Schwarz. And it is translated into Turkish from French by my dear friend Lina Mizrahi. If you are interested in Egypt and Egyptology, I strongly recommend this book.