Flex fountain pens are dream of nearly every fountain pen enthusiast. I got my first flex pen from Noodler’s. After that I purchased a Namiki Falcon. A while ago, Mr. Turgay generously offered me, his own Namiki Falcon so I wanted to publish them together.Namiki Falcon or Namiki Elabo as it is marketed in Japan is a very simple, plain pen. The only difference while Falcon comes with a regular convertor, Elabo comes with Con-70 click type convertor in it.My Falcon was a Soft Fine. I would like to add, those pens are not actually flex like vintage pens. They just handle some pressure which allows us to have a line variation due to the nib shape.

 Mr. Turgay’s pen is a Soft Extra Fine. I used same ink while comparing these two pens. Lines with red dots beside is written with SEF and the green dots is written with SF.

SEF nib is quite quite thin. But it nicely gives the line variation. SF, on the other hand is more suitable for daily writing but with less line variation. Nevertheless, I liked them both!

What do you think about flex pens?

Zeynep Flexpen