Hello All,
In our Facebook group survey, it has been revealed that, people wants to see Noodler’s inks in the blog. So I wanted to write Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts Blue right after I wrote about Rome Burning.
54th Massachusetts is one of the bulletproof inks of Noodler’s. So it is resistant to almost everything. As it has a quite serious color to fit every occasion, it easily became one of the most popular Noodler’s inks.
I guess I am not wrong if I categorize 54th Massachusetts as a blue-black with a hint of green. As it is, it can be used in official documents and daily writing.
Since it is in the bulletproof series, it is resistant to water, bleach, solvents, UV radiation. And, most surprisingly, it works best on ordinary copy paper. No feathering!
As you can see, water has no effect on it. With this quality of the ink, you can use it on the envelopes or postcards so you will be sure that the address you wrote will not be washed away by the rain or something else.
Another feature of Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts is that it is a quite wet ink which means that it creates miracles on dry pens.
The only thing bothers me about this ink is the smell. It smells funny but of course I am not talking about a big issue but you can smell it if you smell the nib 🙂
What is your favorite bulletproof ink?
Zeynep Goodluckamerica