Hello All,
Let’s start new year with a great ink. Noodler’s Rome Burning! I guess I get this ink in 2012 which contains yellow-brown and green together and hard to describe as a color. I know I am too late to write.
As you already know, Noodler’s inks have a lot of different series due to the ink specialities. And among them the most famous is Bulletproof inks. Due to a cellulose reactive dye these inks are resistant to water, bleach and other chemicals and also has archival ink qualities. Partially Bulletproof inks like Rome Burning have those qualities “partially”.
For example, this drawing was made with Rome Burning. Although I smudged it with water brush, it is not washed away or dissoluted.
Rome Burning is a good flowing ink. Its shade has been changed due to the wetness or dryness of your pen. Even though you might not use it on official documents, I think it is ideal to use it for your daily notes.
Noodler’s Rome Burning is also a surprising ink. It is composed of so many colors put together. If you write on a napkin, you can see brown, yellow and purple tones together.
What is your favorite Noodler’s ink?
Zeynep Penthusiast