Today’s pens are mechanical pencils disguised as retro wooden pencils. Actually they also belong to my friend Fatih. I think we need to make some surprises like this once in a while. Besides, I often receive some requests from the readers asking for pencils and ballpoints. I am trying to do my best. I also reviewed another mechanical pencil before. You can click here to remember.
Sharp Pencil is a product of OHTO which looks like a wooden pencil while actually it is a mechanical pencil. It has a metal section where the lead appears which I believe made of brass and it looks nice. For the bodies, there are color options as well as thickness options.
Three of them are 2mm and 2 of them are classical 0.5 mm lead. 2mm is ideal for sketching and also suitable for writing. 0.5 is a classical writing tool.
OHTO Sharp Pencil is available at Cult Pens among 3-6 pounds. I think it is a nice alternative for those who loves pencils or have to use pencils. Do you use pencils and what do you use if so?
Zeynep Sharpen