Hi All,
After a little break, I am here again! Books have been read, pens have been tried out and there are a lot to write but let’s take a look at Parker Frontier which I really wanted to share with you for a while. Frontier is a pen launched in 1996 when Parker is about to start to an end to its glory days. And the production of Frontier stopped around 2012. As you can see it is a simple pen. Metal cap, plastic body and a steel nib. Parker provided the catch with the colors. What else? It has everything.
I have the Twilight color of Frontier which was launched in 2007. It has a color shifting duochrome plastic body where the grip section is in same color but with a softer matte material. Cap is a click type, which is very practical in daily use and it is a steel cap, so no need to worry about cracks.
It has a quite simple, yet elegant steel nib. There is not much decoration on the nib. I like this elegant look. It is problem-free, plain and quite comfortable for daily use. The only negative side of this pen can be proprietary cartridge or converters that Parker pens use.
And the writing experience is perfect! It has a great characteristic and smooth like butter. I got this pen without any expectations but it is just perfect!
Do you have any surprises against your low expectations like this? Which pen was that?
Zeynep Duochrome