Hello all,

This week’s fountain pen is an old but rather nre pen; Parker 88 or Parker Rialto. Parker 88 had first been produced in 1897 but officially launched in 1988 in order to be in line with the name. In 1994, name Parker 88 has been changed to Parker Rialto since 88 became a symbolic number for Neo-Nazis.

My fountain pen is Laque Dusk color which was produced in 1997. Laque colors are made with application of many layers of color on to the brass body, to create a deep color effect.

Rialto is rather a long and slender pen, looking elegant. The nib is same with the Parker Vector the legendary entry level Parker pen. However, Parker locates Rialto in mid-level pen line with better body material and colors.

My Rialto has a medium nib. Unfortunately, since the nib stayed inked for a long while, it is darkened a bit. Nevertheless, this is not a problem for me. Actually I liked it better since it goes along well with the dark body of the pen.

Medium nibbed Rialto has a smooth, good writing experince.  Maybe the only downside is to use proprietary cartridges and converters of Parker.  What do you think?
What is your favorite Parker pen?


Zeynep Oldpenny