I guess Parker Sonnet was my first pen which can be deemed in the middle range of pens. My life of fountain pens was going on with Lamy Al-Star and Safari’s when I  got this pen in 2009. It was good. Although I am not using it often these days, it used to be one of my favorite pens. Good old days!
 Parker Sonnet is a Parker model which was first produced in 90s. Unlike uniqe Parker pens like 45 or 51, Parker Sonnet has a very classical body, along with a very classical nib design. Golden trimmings on the black matte body makes this pen a classical design. Although I have this one, Parker Sonnet actually comes with many different body colors and materials.
Most of the Parker Sonnets are coming with steel nibs. Like mine. However, it has a wet and smooth nib.Every rose has its thorn. What makes Parker different from the standard pens, it is using proprietary cartridges and converters. Sometimes it makes you run out of ink 🙂

Although I am not using this pen often, I found it very practical in meetings or stiations where I should  be taking notes due to its clicking cap. What do you think about Parker pens?Best Regards,

Zeynep Penthusiast