Are there any one missing “those golden days” of fountain pens? I do! Especially when it is such a beauty, unused, kept with its box. In fountian pen terminology it is referred as NOS, New Old Stock. And for fountain pen collectioner’s they have a great value. This fountain pen is also from the collection of Mr. Turgay.
It comes with a simple cardbox, bearing a graphic image of the pen on it and a guarantee document beneath. Actually, I prefer this plain box over Pelikan’s present dark blue boxes.
The nib is single tone, Fine. But the most remarkable feature of the pen is flexibility. I think it is the main difference with modern Pelikan’s and vintage ones, as the filling mechanism, shape of the body and colors remain quite the same. But the vintage Pelikan’s has great flex nibs which provides a wonderfull writing pleasure.
I really enjoyed writing with this pen and I believe every penthusiast should have a vintage Pelikan fountain pen. Do you have vintage pens?
Zeynep Penthusiast