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One of the main complaints I receive about the blog is that I don’t make enough reviews for other pens than fountain pens. Yes I do love fountain pens but sometimes, to be more practical we need rollerballs. Yes they save lives. Therefore, I would like to share Pelikan R450 with you from Mr. Turgay’s collection. (Again :p)
As you can see it is quite elegant. It is the roller version of M450 fountain pen. By the way, M450 is same pen with M400 except the golden cap and golden piston knob. And this pen is the roller version of M450 fountain pen. You can check my post where I explained the difference between rollerball and ballpoint.
R450 comes with Pelikan logo pressed on top and with a tortoiseshell body.
When you unscrew the top knob, you can take out the refill. The refill in my pen was a broad. Pelikan provides those refills in Fine, Medium and Broad. And I think it writes quite smooth. I couldn’t add a photo since blogger keeps rotating the photos but you can see the writing sample from our facebook page.
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