Hi Everyone,
I am becoming active again on the blog with some articles, right? So why don’t I introduce you with the Pelikan Twist which I really wanted to write about for a while. Pelikan Twist is one of the beginners pens of Pelikan. When we call a beginners pen, we usually think about a fountain pen which is designed either for kids or very young people. Pelikan, this time proves that beginner pens can be nice and smart.
Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen
Pelikan twist has a triangular form. However this triangular form has been softened by the twist effect. By this, the shape of triangle stabilizes the pen on the table while the twist effect soften the concrete shape of triangle.
Pelikan Twist
Pelikan Twist Fountain Pen has a click on cap. And the grip section is made of soft silicone with a complementary tone of the color used in the body. Filling system of this pen is standard cartridges. Of course you can also use the long Pelikan cartridges in this pen.
Pelikan Twist Brown
Pelikan Twist fountain pen comes with a steel nib. I have a medium. I believe they have fine and broad nib options available in abroad. Those nibs are usually problem-free, wet and do not gives you a heart-attack when your friend asks to borrow your pen.
Pelikan Twist Writing Sample
Pelikan Twist has a nice, smooth nib. I can say it goes along with all inks.
What do you think about Pelikan Twist or other beginner pens?
Zeynep Twistpen