As frequently asked before, I wanted to show some of the pen cases and pouches that I am using.
I got this roll pouch and the one below from a foreign website which has separate sections for pens and it only hosts 4 pens in a row. I am not sure, if it is useful for everyday carry, since it is a bit bulky. But why not if you are using a back pack?
This pouch (I really love its color and of course there is an undeniable bunny fact!) on the other hand gets 7 or 8 pens in a row and much more bulkier than the first one when rolled.
When it comes to that case, who can guess it was a Nokia phone case before? It was a recycle project of Ali Bey of Aniki brand and very useful for carrying daily pens in rotation.
Actually I told you Aniki case is best to carry around the daily pens. However, I always have more than two in rotation. So I have to use something not very bulky yet hosting more pens. And this is what I mostly use and when this is not enough, I use Aniki besides this one. This leather case was a gift from my dad. He bought this case from Spain that is very famous for leather goods.
NOT: Ortadaki siyah kılıf Kaweco, şu linkte daha önce bahsetmiştim.
This very last pouch is my first sewing experience. I sew it inspiring from the first two rolls I got. I used suede like dust cloth in the inside and a regular who knows fabric from the house. It is quite easy and fun to sew actually. I don’t carry it daily but I use it at home to store my pens.
Cheers, PS: The little black case on the middle is Kaweco, I mentioned it before.