You know there is a phrase in English called leap of faith. It means doing something that have never done before, never tried before. Voila, that is what Penfest 2018 was! Markakalem or as Anatolian side residents know as Panel, made a leap of faith and thanks God, they landed safe and secure.

Making such a perfect organization in a country where there never been held a penshow or a penfest before is not for the faint heart. Plus, convincing all the brands to participate and moreover doing this in a palace! Come on!!!!!!

Okay, but what we have done there? We met a lot of people. I mean a lot! And we fulfilled our longing with the people we know. We made the 52nd of the monthly meetings we have been doing for 5 years. We had chance to try Graf von Faber pens and inks. 

We know that, there will be even better Penfests, and more people will meet with fountain pen, with handwriting and ink stains. I would like to thank everyone who came. No I am not crying 🙂


Zeynep Crypen